bills vs chiefs

Bills vs Chiefs

If you are a Bills or Chiefs fan, you will be deeply passionate about the rivalry between both teams. This guide will discuss the history between both teams, the stats, the bets you can place, top tips, and more.

A brief history of the Buffalo Bills

Buffalo is the home of the Buffalo Bills, an American professional gridiron football team that competes in the NFL’s American Football Conference (AFC). The Bills competed in the NFL after the American Football League and the NFL merged in 1970. While playing in the NFL, the Bills reached four consecutive Super Bowls (1991–1994), losing each time.

A brief history of the Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are a professional gridiron football team based in Kansas City, Missouri. They compete in the National Football League’s (NFL) American Football Conference (AFC). Before that, it was part of the now-defunct American Football League (AFL), where it won three championships (1962, 1966, and 1969). Also, the Kansas City Chiefs have won Super Bowls IV (1970) and LIV (2020).

Bills vs Chiefs history

Overall, the two teams have met each other 52 times (including postseason games), with the Buffalo Bills winning 27 games and the Kansas City Chiefs winning 24 games. They have also tied on one occasion.

AFC rivalry

In total, in 5 AFC divisional round playoff games both teams have played each other in, Kansas City Chiefs now hold a 3-2 record over the Buffalo Bills. On January 24, 2022, the two-time defending AFC champion Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Buffalo Bills 42-36 in overtime to win one of the most thrilling games in NFL history.

However, the Bills have a better record in the regular and postseason games. As previously mentioned, in 52 games, the Buffalo Bills have 27 wins over the Kansas City Chiefs.

Hence, this back and forth of wins and losses makes the rivalry interesting to watch as no one team is far ahead. It is pretty even. Buffalo Bills vs.Kansas City Chiefs is considered one of the best non-divisional rivalries.

What are the different types of NFL bets on Bills vs Chiefs games?

If you are looking to place bets on a Bills vs. Chiefs game, you have several options. Below, we have provided the different bet types a bettor can place on Chiefs vs. Bills games.


A moneyline wager is extremely straightforward as you simply select the team you believe will win the match. Your chosen sportsbook will have the odds listed for both teams. For example:

  • Chiefs (+105)
  • Bills (-115)

A bettor can determine the expectations for the game based on the odds. The negative numbers indicate favorites and positive numbers for underdogs. The game is likely to be close when the moneyline odds are in a narrow range.

So, if you chose Bills to win the match, you would need to wager $115 for a chance to win $100 at odds of -115. However, if you predict the Chiefs will win and place a $100 wager at odds of +105, your potential profit is $105. This type of wager is the best for NFL fans since it is easy, and they pick their favorite team to win.

Spread bets

Every NFL game has a point spread that sportsbooks provide. It serves as a leveling factor between the two sides and can be viewed as a predicted margin of victory.

The team that is thought to have the best chance of winning, known as the favorite and denoted by a minus (-) sign in front of the spread, would have to win by at least that many points. The underdog team, designated by a plus (+) sign before the number, is given a margin by which it can lose the game and still cover the point spread to produce a winning wager. For example:

  • Chiefs -4 (-110)
  • Bills +4 (-110)

Using the spread above, the Chiefs are the favorite, and the Bills are the underdog. If the Chiefs win by more than four points, a spread bet on them will pay off. Instead, if the Bills win out, lose by fewer than 4 points, or tie, their bet is a winner. However, all spread bets are returned if the Chiefs win by exactly 4 points, in which case the game is deemed a push.


In Over/Under, the bettor only has to focus on the game’s final score and nothing else. It doesn’t matter whether a side wins or loses. A bettor select over/under based on the total number of points set by the sportsbook. For example, in a Chiefs vs. Bills game, if the over/under is:

  • Over 52 (-110)
  • Under 52 (-110).

If a bettor wagers on the over, the wager wins if a total of 53 or more points are scored in the game. However, 51 points or fewer will have to be scored in the game if the bettor, chooses under. The bet pushes if the exact points scored match the total.

Prop bets

These bets are on events that don’t directly affect the game’s outcome. In other words, the bettor is not placing a wager on which team will prevail but on a scenario of an event occurring (or not occurring) during the game.

For the games between the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs, there are a lot of player and team prop bets available. As an example:

  • Josh Allen Over 1.5 Passing Touchdowns (-200)
  • Tyreek Hill Over 5.5 Receptions (-125)
  • Travis Kelce Over 5.5 Receptions (-130)
  • Dawson Knox Over 40.5 Receiving Yards (-115)
  • Josh Allen Over 50.5 Rushing Yards (-125)

These prop bets are results unrelated to the game’s actual score and based on a player’s or team’s performance.

Parlay bets

Bettors can combine multiple bets into parlays to make high-risk, high-reward wagers. A parlay increases payouts by multiplying them all together, but if just one pick chosen fails, the entire series of bets lose.

Simpler parlays include grouping together several spread or moneyline bets on games that are taking place on the same night or combining an over/under wager with a pick for the spread or moneyline within the same game.

In complex parlays, player props or any other combination a bettor can imagine may be used. Overall, each parlay bet has individual odds. The total amount won on the first bet is carried on to the second bet, and so on.

In Bills vs Chiefs games, a parlay bet may look like this:

  • Josh Allen to throw three touchdown passes in the first quarter (+140)
  • Over 45 (-110)
  • Bills (+120)

If all these bets are successful on an initial wager of $100, the bettor will return a total of $1008.


NFL future bets are wagers on future events. A bettor could wager on the Super Bowl champion team or the MVP winner player. If they make wise choices, these kinds of wagers can be very profitable, but they are also risky. Before placing a wager, bettors should do their homework to find the best NFL futures odds.

Live Betting

On any Chiefs vs Bills game, a bettor can also place live bets while watching the match. The oddsmakers will adjust spreads and moneylines in response to every lead change, a shift in momentum, and injury.

If a bettor believes the losing team has a strong chance of winning, live betting allows them to pick them with a more favorable spread or moneyline than what was available before the game.

Top tips for betting on Chiefs vs Bills games

Now that we have given you an understanding of the different types of wagers you can place on Bills vs Chief games, it is time to highlight some tips to use before making any bets. Though we cannot predict what is going to happen in the game, we can try to give some expert tips that may maximize the chances of winning.

Bills vs Chiefs Stats & matchups

Before placing any bets on this rivalry, research the head-to-head matchup and look at the bills vs chiefs stats, as this can help a bettor identify some key points that can help when placing bets. However, ensure that the research is thorough as there are many stats a bettor may have to examine.

For example, how does the Bill offensive hold against the Chiefs? When the Chiefs win, how big are the margins? What is each team’s 3rd down or 4th down efficiency? All in all, the more stats a bettor looks at, the higher the chances of being able to place bets that deliver high value.

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The best features

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Finally, we have player protection tools that help a bettor gamble responsibly. In addition, we offer the ability to set limits for the maximum amount of money a bettor can wager in a session or day.

Don’t get emotional

When making bets on Bills vs Chief games, fans can get emotionally attached to their team because they want their team to win. In such games, do your research, avoid becoming overly attached, and have fun.

Bettors should stay away from games if they have an emotional attachment to the team. It can make football more enjoyable and put some money in their bank accounts. We also recommend never to bet big on a favorite team.

See what the experts think

It is always a good idea to watch or read what the experts say about the Bills vs Chiefs game. After all, they have access to more information and occasionally even have the ability to speak with the players and coaches. Their predictions can help a bettor understand what to anticipate from the game.

Of course, even experts can be mistaken, so bettors shouldn’t just blindly trust them. However, it is still a good idea to find out what they believe and uses that knowledge to make a decision.

Final tips

Making a wager on the Bills vs. Chiefs game is not simple. However, it is possible to earn some excellent returns if a bettor conducts in-depth research and considers our advice.

As previously mentioned, the fundamental rule of NFL betting is not getting emotionally attached to your favorite team—the Chiefs or the Bills. This entails constantly seeking out value wagers and avoiding letting emotions rule any important decisions.

A bettor should ensure gambling is under control. Before a bettor makes their first wager with an operator, they should establish gambling limits. It will ensure that they stay within the spending limit and do not incur more debt than they can handle. Moreover, before signing up, make sure the operator is fully licensed.

Buffalo Bills vs Kansas City Chiefs — Verdict

Keep in mind that the more research is done, whether it be for the Bills or the Chiefs, the more likely bettors are to find value in the betting markets. So, before the Bills and Chiefs face off, they should spend some time studying statistics.

Pay close attention to metrics like fourth down effectiveness, average points per game, yards covered, quarterback ratings, defensive stats, and other factors for the Bills or vs Chiefs game. By doing so, you will find excellent value in the betting markets. All in all, the experience of betting on Bills vs. Chiefs games should be enjoyable.