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What’s in store for the Bengals Schedule in the 2022 NFL Season?

NFL 2022-23 season is almost ready to officially kick off, and many fans are wondering when, where, and who their favorite team will be playing. This is no exception for the dedicated Cincinnati Bengals fans across the country. The Cincinnati Bengals preseason schedule includes two upcoming games. Their first preseason game is on August 21, 2022, at 7 pm against the New York Giants. On August 27, 2022, at 6 pm, you can watch the Bengals take on the Rams. The 2022 NFL Bengals football schedule kicks off with their first game of the season on September 11. This season the Bengals’ NFL schedule has them set to play 17 games during the season. The last game of the season for the Bengals will be held on January 8, 2023, time is TBD. If you want to know if there is a Bengals game today, see who the team is going up against, or just learn more about the Bengals schedule, keep reading this article. Many fans and aspiring bettors look to these game schedules for insight on placing bets. You can also learn valuable information about betting on the upcoming Bengals schedule games. See how your team stacks up against their upcoming opponents and place your wagers accordingly.

What is the Bengals schedule in the 2022 NFL season?

The 2022-23 Bengals schedule is jam-packed full of great head-to-head matchups. These 17 pivotal games take place from September through January. As for the Bengals game schedule, you will see that the team is going up against teams such as the Browns, Ravens, Dolphins, Buccaneers, and more. Eight of the games will be played on the Bengals’ home turf, the Paul Brown Stadium, while the remaining 9 are away games for the team.

  • Bengals vs Giants 08/21/2022 – 7 pm EST (preseason game)
  • Bengals vs Rams 08/27/2022 – 6 pm EST (preseason game)
  • Bengals vs Steelers 09/11/2022 – 1 pm EST (regular season games start)
  • Bengals vs Cowboys 09/18/2022 – 4:25 pm EST (regular season game)
  • Bengals vs Jets 09/25/2022 – 1 pm EST (regular season)
  • Bengals vs Dolphins 09/29/2022 – 8:15 pm EST (regular season)
  • Bengals vs Ravens 10/09/2022 – 8:20 pm EST (regular season)
  • Bengals vs Saints 10/16/2022 – 1 pm EST (regular season)
  • Bengals vs Falcons 10/23/2022 – 1 pm EST (regular season)
  • Bengals vs Browns 10/31/2022 – 8:15 pm EST (regular season)
  • Bengals vs Panthers 11/06/2022 – 1 pm EST (regular season)
  • Bengals vs Steelers 11/20/2022 – 8:20 pm EST (regular season)
  • Bengals vs Titans 11/27/2022 – 1 pm EST (regular season)
  • Bengals vs Chiefs 12/04/2022 – 4:25 pm EST (regular season)
  • Bengals vs Browns 12/11/2022 – 1 pm EST (regular season)
  • Bengals vs Buccaneers 12/18/2022 – 4:25 pm EST (regular season)
  • Bengals vs Patriots 12/24/2022 – 1 pm EST (regular season)
  • Bengals vs Bills 01/02/2023 – 8:30 pm EST (regular season)
  • Bengals vs Ravens 01/08/2023 — TBD (final game of the season)

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Cincinnati Bengals Facts

In 1967, Paul Brown founded the Cincinnati Bengals, and the team played its first season in 1968. The Bengals have accomplished many feats as a team since the 60s, including playing in three Super Bowls — 1982, 1989, and 2022. The Cincinnati Bengals are one of the twelve NFL teams that have never won the Super Bowl trophy. Nevertheless, they have won division championships and made 15 NFL playoff appearances. Paycor Stadium is the current home stadium of the team. However, the original Bengals’ home field was the Nippert Stadium. Regarding players, the team’s first draft pick in 1968 was Bob Johnson, whose jersey number has since been retired.

The Bengals Rivalries

One of the biggest rivalries in the NFL is the Bengals-Steelers matchup. These two teams have been rivals since 1970 when they first became division contenders. Since becoming rivals in 1970, the two teams have played each other twice every NFL season. Other rivals of the Bengals include the Browns and the Ravens. The Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals rivalry is known as the Battle of Ohio and began during the 1970s when the teams had their first meeting. However, the Baltimore Ravens and Bengals rivalry, unlike the others, did not begin in the 70s. This rivalry began in 1996, intensifying in 2003 when the Bengals hired the Ravens’ defensive coordinator.

Cincinnati Bengals schedule FAQs

How can I bet on Bengals games? Betting on upcoming Bengals NFL games is easy to do when using BetDSI. You can place wagers on team totals, futures, special teasers, props, first and second halves, and quarter lines. Utilizing BetDSI Sportsbook also allows you to make live bets.

What is the Bengals game schedule? The 2022-23 schedule for the Bengals includes two upcoming preseason games and 17 regular season games. If you find yourself wondering, “Is there a Bengals game today?”, it is easy to find the answer. This article outlines the Bengals’ 2022-23 game schedule.

Why are the Bengals and Steelers rivals? The two teams first went head-to-head in 1970, when the Steelers defeated the Bengals. Nevertheless, the Bengals won in their rematch. The Cincinnati Bengals schedule features two games against the Steelers each season.

How many Super Bowls have the Bengals played? The Bengals have played in three Super Bowl games so far. Their first Super Bowl appearance was in 1982. They had two more appearances in 1989 and 2022. Stay tuned for the latest Cincinnati Bengals game schedule and team updates.