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Games to Look Out For in the NFL Raiders Schedule [2022]

There was a special start to the Raiders preseason schedule this term. The action kicked off with a trip to the Hall of Fame Game against Jacksonville. It’s the Raiders’ fourth appearance in this showcase, and the first since moving to Vegas. That sets the tone for a thrilling campaign as the Silver and Black battle for AFC West supremacy. The regular season NFL schedule for the Raiders gets underway on September 11 at the LA Chargers, the first of the big rivalry games in the 2022 campaign. The four AFC West franchises have been in the same division since 1960, so there’s plenty of history every time they meet. The Denver Broncos match-up is one of the first games that everyone in the Raider Nation looks out for: this year the Raiders schedule brings Denver to Nevada on October 2 before the return trip on November 20. The Chargers ride into the Allegiant Stadium for their return game on December 4, while Vegas travels to the Chiefs for a Monday Night Football showdown on October 10. The Raiders schedule wraps up at home to the Chiefs on the second weekend in January. This season, the AFC West teams have eight home games and nine on the road. The Raiders’ bye is in week six.

Why do I need to know the 2022 Raiders schedule?

First, the NFL Raiders schedule gives you the lowdown on when your team is in action. From preseason scrimmages to big rivalry games, it’s all here. That’s something a Raiders fan can’t miss. Second, the Raiders schedule helps you to plan your viewing with details of when each game is played. Third, it helps you with your betting. You can pick out the games your team is likely to win, and spot when runs of form might change, helping to maximize the value in the odds.

  • Raiders vs Jacksonville Jaguars HoF date 08/04/2022 – time: 17.00 PT
  • Raiders vs Minnesota Vikings date 08/14/2022 – time 13.25 PT
  • Raiders @ Miami Dolphins date 08/20/2022 – time 16.00 PT
  • Raiders vs New England Patriots date 08/26/2022 – time 17.15 PT
  • Raiders @ LA Chargers date 09/11/2022 – time 13.25 PT
  • Raiders vs Arizona Cardinals date 09/18/2022 – time 13.25 PT
  • Raiders @ Tennessee Titans date 09/25/2022 – time 10.00 PT
  • Raiders vs Denver Broncos date 10/02/2022 – time 13.25 PT
  • Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs date 10/10/2022 – time 17.15 PT
  • Week 6 – Bye week
  • Raiders vs Houston Texans date 10/23/2022 – time 13.05 PT
  • Raiders @ New Orleans Saints date 10/30/2022 – time 10.00 PT
  • Raiders @ Jacksonville Jaguars date 11/06/2022 – time 10.00 PT
  • Raiders vs Indianapolis Colts date 11/13/2022 – time 13.05 PT
  • Raiders @ Denver Broncos date 11/20/2022 – time 13.05 PT
  • Raiders @ Seattle Seahawks date 11/27/2022 – time 13.05 PT
  • Raiders vs LA Chargers date 12/04/2022 – time 13.25 PT
  • Raiders @ LA Rams date 12/08/2022 – time 17.15 PT
  • Raiders vs New England Patriots date 12/18/2022 – time 17.20 PT
  • Raiders @ Pittsburgh Steelers date 12/24/2022 – time 17.15 PT
  • Raiders vs San Francisco 49ers date 01/01/2023 – time 13.05 PT
  • Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs date TBC – time TBC

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NFL Futures markets

The start of each season is an exciting time. Each team has finalized its 53-man roster and fans all over the country are optimistic about their chances of glory in the months ahead. But how confident are you? At BetDSI, you can put your money where your mouth is and back the Raiders to win the division, the conference, or even the Super Bowl. NFL futures markets also apply to individual player performances and the likely winners of the end-of-season awards. The odds will fluctuate over the course of the season, but a shrewd pick can maintain interest all year, without crashing after a single unexpected result.

NFL Game and Player Props

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NFL Parlay betting

Parlays allow you to put together several bets in one wager. They are sometimes called accumulators, multis, or combos. The big attraction is greatly enhanced odds: each individual leg of your parlay is multiplied, and if all your picks win, you’ll scoop a bigger prize. Of course, picking winners in several games is much harder than choosing just one. But there is some help. A teaser bet is a kind of parlay that uses spreads. The bettor can adjust each spread slightly in his or her favor, boosting the chances of a win. Alternatively, a so-called pleaser makes the spread harder to beat while enhancing the odds for a win.

NFL Live Betting

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Las Vegas Raiders Facts

Three-time Super Bowl champions, the Raiders are one of the best-loved teams in the NFL. Founded in 1960 as a charter member of the AFL, the franchise is embarking on a new era after moving to Las Vegas in 2020. The Raiders started in Oakland and won the AFL Championship in 1967 to reach Super Bowl II. They lost to Green Bay and did not return to the show until 1976. On that occasion, victory over Minnesota secured their first Vince Lombardi trophy. More followed: in 1980, coached by former QB Tom Flores, the Raiders won again. Shortly after moving to LA, victory over Washington clinched a third crown in eight seasons.

Las Vegas Raiders Rivalries

The Raiders’ big modern-day rivalry is with the Denver Broncos. This dates back to both teams’ AFL days, with the Raiders posting a 14-game winning streak from 1965-1971. However, Denver also had its moments, especially after Mike Shanahan took over as head coach in 1995. Shanahan’s brief stint in charge of the Raiders added some sizzle to this match-up and he kickstarted a sequence that brought 21 Broncos wins in 28 games through 2008. Games between the two have been selected for the flagship Monday Night Football broadcast 19 times, more than any other pairing. The Raiders-Steelers rivalry was noted for its ferocity in the 1970s but has cooled in recent years.

Raiders Schedule FAQ

When did the Raiders move to Vegas? The Raiders played their first game in Vegas in 2020. The NFL agreed to the team’s move from Oakland in 2017. It’s the Raiders’ third home: there were two stints in Oakland either side of time in LA from 1982-1994.

Where can I find out about alterations to the schedule? In any season the Las Vegas Raiders schedule may change. The best place to keep abreast of any updates is on the Raiders official website at, or at

What is the Raider Nation? Any game on the Raiders schedule brings out the Raider Nation. This is the club’s hardcore fanbase, famed for its devotion and vocal support. Supporters revel in the team’s outsider status, from its origins in the ‘underdog city’ of Oakland to its aggressive playing style.

How can I watch the Raiders in action? If you can’t get a ticket for a game at the Allegiant Stadium, you can still catch every game on the Raiders football schedule on TV. Coverage is split between NBC, CBS, Fox, ESPN and Prime. Check for upcoming coverage.