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What You Should Know About The Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets was founded in 1967, and the team has played several home games at the famous Barclays Center. Its name was coined from the names of other professional sports teams in the metropolitan area of New York. They include the New York Jets and the New York Mets. The team chose “Nets” because it relates to a basketball net.

What more should you know about the Brooklyn Nets? This intensive guide will highlight the team’s history, statistics, and rivalries. It will also show you ways to bet on NBA games.

History of the Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets is based in Brooklyn and is an American pro basketball team. Moreover, the Nets are also members of the famous American Basketball Association. The team also plays in the NBA’s Eastern Conference. Presently, the Nets have won championships twice, in 1974 and 1976.

Initially, the team was called the New Jersey Americans in its first season. The 1968-69 season was phenomenal because it led to the name change when the team started playing home games on Long Island. At this time, they were called the “New York Nets.” Sadly, the team could not advance past third place in the ABA finals of 1971-72.

In 1973, things changed when the team got superstar Julius Erving on their team. Erving led the team to a 25-win improvement compared to the previous season. Finally, the Nets could brag about winning the ABA title in 1974 and later in 1976.

Soon, the ABA merged with the National Basketball Association (NBA), and the team had to raise $8 million to join the league. It was challenging because the team had to sell their star, Erving, to the 76ers. Furthermore, it was the beginning of their bad fortunes once again. For the next five seasons, the team maintained a losing streak.

Later history

In 1977, the Nets returned to New Jersey and played on the Rutgers University basketball team’s home floor. The team later moved to their own home in 1981 in the Meadowlands. Larry Brown was the new head coach, but he didn’t last longer than two seasons. However, he successfully drafted Buck Williams, who changed the course of their history. Williams helped the team reach its first NBA winning record.

The win came in the 1981-82 season and gave the team a boost to qualify for the subsequent playoffs. Unfortunately, they could only win the postseason series in 1984, knocking out the Philadelphia 76ers. After five long seasons, the Nets entered the 1991-92 playoffs with great promise. Guards Dražen Petrović, Kenny Anderson, and Derrick Coleman helped make this possible. Sadly, a car accident and the death of Petrović in 1993 took the team back to its losing streak. Coleman and Anderson also did not help with inconsistent play and misbehavior.

In 2001, the team got some wins with Jason Kidd, who helped them get a 26-win improvement. The team won the next Eastern Conference championship with the support of Richard Jefferson and Kidd. After reaching the NBA finals in the two subsequent seasons, they could not advance any further. Since then, the Brooklyn Nets have struggled to advance in the playoffs. Their worst record was in the 2009-10 season when the team had a 12–70 record. What does the future hold for this team? Read on to learn more.

Brooklyn Nets Statistics

The Brooklyn Nets have had 47 seasons in total. Sadly, the Nets is one of the few basketball teams in the US without an NBA title. Currently, the team plays in the Eastern Conference’s Atlantic Division. While the team has no title, it has come close several times. In 2021 and 2014, the Nets lost the semifinals of the Eastern Conference games.

Also, the Nets have yet to qualify for the NBA finals in New York. Currently, the team has only appeared twice in the NBA finals. However, the team was known as the New Jersey Nets. So far, the team has had some of the worst starts in the 2009-10, 2015-16, and 1996-97 seasons. The first ended at 0-18, while the second was seven losses. Lastly, the worst start was with five losses in the season.

Aside from these bad starts, the Nets have experienced some great births to the season. The first two occurred in the 2002-03 and 1997-98 seasons. Both started at 4-0, and the third best was 2020-21. The subsequent best starts include 2010-11, 2001-02,1989-90, and 1978-79. Both seasons started at 2-0.

The last time the Nets were in the playoffs was sometime in 2022. At that time, they lost the first round of the Eastern Conference. It was their 23rd playoff in the franchise’s history. In addition, the Nets missed the 2018 playoffs but succeeded in winning the playoff series in 2021. The team beat the Boston Celtics in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs. In 2022, the Nets could not beat the Boston Celtics in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Brooklyn Nets Rivalries

When it comes to rivalries, the biggest one is the Milwaukee Bucks. It makes sense for this team to take the lead since it was responsible for eliminating the Brooklyn Nets from the Eastern Conference playoffs of 2020.

The team’s rival from the Western Conference is undoubtedly the Los Angeles Lakers. So far, there has been bad blood between both teams, extending to team members and even the media. One notable rivalry between team members of both teams is LeBron James vs. Kyrie Irving. Another is Kevin Durant vs. Russell Westbrook.

Also, the New York Knicks is one of the biggest rivals due to the proximity of their locations. Both are basketball teams in the same city and have to appeal to the same set of fans. While the Knicks have more experience as a team, the Nets still want a piece of the fans and glory. Nonetheless, the rivalry is mainly between the upper management and the fans of both teams.

Brooklyn Nets’ Notable Players

Over the years, the Brooklyn Nets have had notable players. James Harden is one such player. Harden joined the team in 2021 and has been nothing short of a star. He appeared twice in his time with the Nets, even though he cost four first-round pick swaps and four first-round picks. The team is optimistic that he can take the Nets to the NBA finals. Harden has also shown promise by recording 32 points, 14 assists, and 12 rebounds in his first game. It was a massive change for the team and the first time they recorded a triple-double. In addition, Harden set a new record for being the first to record a 30-point triple-double during a debut game.

Another notable player in the Nets’ history is Kyrie Irving. This all-star player had an outstanding debut with 50 points. Even though the team lost to the Timberwolves in overtime, Irving wrote his name in gold. He was the seventh player in Nets history to record 50 points in one game. Also, he took place next to Stephon Marbury as the second one to score 15 combined assists and rebounds.

Next up is Kevin Durant. Durant joined the Nets in 2020. In his debut game, he scored 22 points with five rebounds, beating his former team. Even though he struggled with injuries during his first season, he was able to help the Nets qualify with a 48-24 record. Additionally, Durant recorded a massive 49 points, ten assists, and 17 rebounds during the fifth game. Game seven was even more exciting, with 48 points and a clutch two-pointer.

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NBA Betting Types?

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NBA Futures

A futures bet is a wager on events that have not yet been determined. The event could be resolved in a week or day. Some popular NBA futures bets include who will win the NBA finals and choosing players to get accolades, such as Rookie of the Year or MVP. If the bettor wins the wager, they win the bet as well.

NBA Game And Player Props

A prop bet on an NBA game focuses more on a specific aspect of the game outside the actual outcome. Instead of betting on a total, bettors can choose to wager on how well the player will perform that season.

Bettors who want to try this type of wagering have many options to consider. For example, they can bet under or over how many points a player will score. Also, they can bet on how many pointers a team will make or the expected assists for each team.

NBA Parlays

Parlay betting is an exciting way to bet on NBA games. The parlay bet works systematically. It starts with one wager and increases until the winnings from the first bet are used to wager further. The trend is ongoing depending on how many legs a bettor adds to their ticket. Generally, parlays consist of two bets, so you will need two teams or players to back or wager on. In some cases, parlays can involve up to 14 legs, depending on your chosen sportsbook.

The whole point of combining parlays is to increase your payout. However, it has a catch. All bets must win. Also, bettors can combine different types of bets if they prefer.

NBA Live Betting

Live betting is also available for NBA games. It is also known as “in-game betting.” Also, it is called “live betting” because it involves wagering on a game still underway. Sportsbooks often post lines during commercial breaks or other stoppages between innings and quarters.

A live bet’s purpose depends on the situation. For instance, bettors may want to wager on a game but lose the chance to bet early. In this case, you can wait for the live odds to be posted. Bettors can wager on different bets, including corner bets or the next team to score bet. Live betting is an excellent way to win since it doesn’t matter if the team you’re supporting wins.