Bracket Contest

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Bracket Contest

Get $1000 in Free Bonus Money

2023 March Madness Schedule

Here is an extensive look at the 2023 NCAA Tournament schedule, including who will be hosting and where the games will be played.

First Four
March 14-15, 2023
University of Dayton Arena – Dayton, Ohio

First Round
March 16, 17
Legacy Arena, Weels Fargo Arena, Amway Center, Golden 1 Center, MVP Arena, Nationwite Arena, Ball Arena, Greenboro Caliseum

Second Round
March 18, 19
Legacy Arena, Weels Fargo Arena, Amway Center, Golden 1 Center, MVP Arena, Nationwite Arena, Ball Arena, Greenboro Caliseum

Sweet 16
March 23, 24
T-Mobile Arena, Madison Square Garden, T-Mobile Center, KFC Yum! Center

Elite Eight
March 25, 26
T-Mobile Arena, Madison Square Garden, T-Mobile Center, KFC Yum! Center

Final Four
April 2, 3
NRG Stadium

March Madness Bracket Challenge Terms and Prizes

March Madness Betting History

March Madness is the annual Division 1 Men’s NCAA Championship Tournament that features the top 68 college basketball teams as ranked by the NCAA selection committee. The tournament was created in 1939 by the National Association of Basketball Coaches, most notably Ohio State University coach Harold Olsen.

March Madness Betting has reached international notoriety and rivals the Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby and other major global sporting events. Even though the March Madness nickname got its roots from a historical 1930’s Illinois High School basketball tournament, the NCAA credits Bob Walsh of the Seattle Organizing Committee for officially appointing “March Madness” as the name for the NCAA Tournament in 1984, which went on to become officially trademarked by the NCAA.

The NCAA Tournament has several rounds. They are currently called:

  • The First Four
  • The Second Round (also known as the “Round of 64”)
  • The Third Round (also known as the “Round of 32”)
  • The Regional Semifinals (participating teams are popularly known as the “Sweet 16”)
  • The Regional Finals (participating teams are commonly known as the “Elite Eight”)
  • The National Semifinals (participating teams are officially referred to as the “Final Four”)
  • The National Championship

March Madness Betting The First Four

March Madness First Four Betting is usually well balanced due to the equality of teams playing their way into the coveted 64 bracket spots. Point spreads in these games are typically low, and there is a lot of value in playing underdogs as straight up winners.

These games garner a lot of two-way action from the betting public. The name “First Four” actually refers to the number of games played, not the number of teams. The First Four betting matchups are derived from the lowest four at-large qualifying teams and the lowest four automatic bid conference champion teams.

March Madness Betting Round 2

The March Madness betting season is one of the few times that players look at the underdogs as a preference with a lot of media emphasis focused on the Cinderella teams taking on the NCAA traditional powerhouses. Usually this does not work out so well on the outright winners, yet there are a lot of underdogs that do go home but cover the spread.

It is not uncommon to see gamblers taking a lot of longshots on the big underdogs as outright winners. Everyone loves a good story, and big payout opportunities abound in this one-and-done March Madness Betting environment.

This season, March Madness Betting Round 2 is comprised of the finalized teams filling out the traditional bracket of 64 after the bubble teams have competed to make it to the Big Dance. In total, 32 second-round games are played on Thursday and Friday following the First Four round. After this round the field is whittled down to 32 teams.

March Madness Betting Round 3

After March Madness Betting Round 2 has concluded, players that were looking at the underdogs as a preference are now a bit more focused on one Cinderella team and a lot more action swings towards the NCAA traditional powerhouses.

In March Madness Betting Round 3, there are a lot of favorites that do advance in the NCAA Tournament, but don’t cover the spread. There are a lot of live dogs in this round! The third round consisting of 32 teams is played on Saturday and Sunday immediately following the second round. At the completion of the third round, Thursday’s winners playing in eight games on Saturday and Friday’s winners playing in the remaining eight third-round games on Sunday decide which teams move on to the next round, which is commonly known as the “Sweet 16.”

Weet 16 Betting

This is where the NCAA tournament gets serious, and the teams that have made the grade to get here are all contenders. Sweet 16 betting is unique in that teams from large and small colleges are in full belief that they have what it takes to win the NCAA tournament.

Betting these games is exciting and any result is possible. Sweet 16 betting trends tend to lean to the large universities to carry the day, but not without a battle. Double-digit spreads are really attractive to underdog bettors in the Sweet 16 betting round. Eight semifinal games are played between Thursday and Friday. From here eight teams known as the “Elite Eight” are set to do battle over the weekend.

Elite Eight Betting

Elite Eight betting kicks off with teams getting ready for their biggest games of the year in order to decide the regional champions. This round tends to favor the large universities that have played well on the road throughout the season. This round is usually comprised of high-seeded teams and small point spread differences.

Moneyline wagering is popular in the Elite Eight betting round based on the fact that most covers lead to outright wins. Public betting action is usually well balanced between favorites and dogs in the Elite Eight betting round.  Saturday features two regional final games matching Thursday’s winners and Sunday’s final games feature Friday’s winners. The four regional champions move on to the “Final Four” round.

Final Four Betting

This round is the closing round of the NCAA Tournament, and Final Four Betting usually leans towards the traditional powerhouses more than any of the other rounds.  Underdogs do not get a great deal of respect here from the betting public unless of course the dog is a traditional NCAA Tournament power or past winner.

These matches decide the National Championship game and carry a great deal of betting interest from all over the globe. Well-coached teams often provide a definitive edge in the Final Four Betting Round.  The “Final Four” round is played on Saturday to decide the participants in the National Championship game.

  • All contestants must have a fully verified BetDSI account.
  • For every deposit of $100 or more into your account between March 12th, 2023 and 12:00pm (noon) EST March 16, 2023, you’ll receive one (1) free contest entry. Example: Deposit $100, receive one (1) contest entries.
  • Maximum of ten (10) free entries per contestant.
  • After being allocated the maximum of ten (10) free entries, contestants have the option to purchase extra entries for a fee of $10 per entry.
  • Only active players are eligible to receive 100% of the prize money. An active player is defined as having at least $300 worth of sports wagers derived from a “real money” deposit (promotional winnings and free wager or bonus converted to a cash balance are not considered a real money deposit and are not applicable) between March 12th, 2023 and the end of Round 2 of the NCAA Tournament on March 16th 2023 12pm (noon) EST Time. Contestants who fail to meet this requirement will only be awarded 10% of the listed cash prize amount.
  • Contestants must pick the winners of the 63 games in the 2023 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Championship Tournament. Points will be awarded for each correct pick. Entries must be completed online before the picks deadline at 12:00pm (noon) EST on Thursday, March 17, 2023.
  • Players can edit and submit their bracket as many times as they wish up until the picks deadline.
  • Games will be graded and the bracket will be updated at the end of each round.
  • 1 point for each correct pick in Round 1
  • 2 points for each correct pick in Round 2
  • 4 points for each correct pick in Round 3
  • 8 points for each correct pick in Round 4
  • 12 points for each correct pick in Round 5
  • 16 points for the correct Champion
  • Prizes will be determined by correct picks in the bracket and the cumulative total of points scored by each contestant.
  • In the event of a tie, the position winner will be the contestant who most closely predicts the combined total amount of points in the National Championship Game on April 4th, 2023. In the case that more than one contestant correctly predicts the total score of the championship game, the winner will be determined by the earlier entry date and time. Only one winner per position will be allowed.
  • Winners will be notified by email. It is the sole responsibility of the entrant to keep his/her email information in their account current and accurate. If after thirty (30) days the winner fails to acknowledge prize, his/her winning entry will be forfeited.

  • Cash prizes awarded are in US dollars or currency equivalent.

    Position Prize
    Perfect Bracket $1,000,000 (40-year annuity)
    1st $10,000 CASH
    2nd $5,000 CASH
    3rd $2,500 CASH
    4th to 100th 15,000 BetPoints™
    101st to 150th 7,500 BetPoints™
    151th to 300th 3,500 BetPoints™
    301st to 500th 1,000 BetPoints™
    501st to 1,000th 500 BetPoints™
    1,001st to 2,500th 100 BetPoints™
    2,501st to 5,000th 75 BetPoints™
    5,001st to Last Place 50 BetPoints™

  • All cash and bonuses awarded will be in the national currency of the winner’s account, excluding the Perfect Bracket $1,000,000 40 year annuity prize, which will be awarded to winner in USD currency.
  • In the event of an approved claim, Million Dollar Media will be issuing a check in the amount of $25,000 USD per year for 40 years to the grand prize winner. It will be up to the winner to convert the check from USD funds to their national currency – if applicable.
  • One (1) Grand Prize will be awarded to an eligible entrant only if he/she accurately predicts the outcome of all 63 games in the NCAA Tournament (“Perfect Bracket”). The Grand Prize (as hereinafter defined) will only be awarded if an eligible entrant submits a Perfect Bracket (the “Grand Prize Winner”).
  • If more than one (1) eligible entrant submits a Perfect Bracket and each is confirmed as a Grand Prize Winner, the Grand Prize will be equally divided among the contest’s Grand Prize Winners, with each Grand Prize Winner entitled to the Grand Prize Winner’s proportionate share of the Grand Prize.
  • Grand Prize: The grand prize (“Grand Prize”) will consist of one million dollars ($1,000,000) USD.
  • Prize Conditions: LIMIT ONE PRIZE PER ENTRANT. A Grand Prize Winner is not eligible to win a First Place Prize.
  • The deadline for registering and entering submissions for the contest is 12:00pm (noon) ET on March 17th, 2023. Each registered contestant will be required to fully complete their bracket prediction for all (63) games in the designated 2023 Men’s College Basketball Tournament by 12:00pm noon EST time on March 17th , 2023 .
  • BetDSI employees as well as family and household members of BetDSI employees may not participate in the 2023 March madness Bracket Challenge Contest.
  • BetDSI reserves the right to cancel this contest or refuse to accept any entry if we suspect any type of abuse to the contest rules. Furthermore, BetDSI may cancel the contest in the event of technical difficulties or other occurrences beyond the control of BetDSI.
  • All contestants agree to grant BetDSI unconditional use of their contest user name and likeness for promotion as advertising and announcements without compensation, consideration, notice review or consent.
  • All decisions regarding the interpretation of rules, eligibility, etc. for this promotion lie solely with BetDSI whose decisions are final.
  • All contest times are approximate. BetDSI reserves, in full, all rights in enforcing any time deadlines and BetDSI’s decision will be final.
  • All entries are subject to review and verification.
  • BetDSI reserves the right to modify or cancel this contest at any time for any reason, subject to any applicable regulatory approval provided that such modification shall not, as the date of such modification, materially alter or change any participant’s prize already awarded.