La Liga: How to Bet One of the Best Leagues in the World

Learning how to bet La Liga:

La Liga betting is common among sportsbooks and bettors alike. La Liga is one of Europe’s top five leagues. It has the most successful European club, Real Madrid. In 1929, modern-day La Liga started as the “Primera Division.” During the Primera Division era, the league had only 10 clubs and ran from February to June. However, in 1987, the league expanded to 20 clubs. Furthermore, 22 clubs participated in the league from 1995 to 1997. Real Madrid is the most successful club in the league’s history. They have won the league 35 times. Barcelona is next with 26 titles, while Atletico Madrid has 10 titles. Four clubs from the league usually qualify for the UEFA Champions League every year. On the other hand, three clubs are relegated to the second division, while they promote three to the league from the second division. Check more information about the La Liga.

In this article, we shall discuss some La Liga betting odds and betting types. The article will also highlight some pros and cons of betting and how to place bets on BetDSI Sportsbook. Read on Learning how to bet La Liga teams on BetDSI sportsbook.

La Liga Betting Types

As a football league, La Liga is a competition with an array of betting types. It is safe to divide the different Spanish League betting types into popular and unpopular types La Liga title odds. Learning how to bet La Liga will help you furthermore, and these types of bets have unique betting odds. They are also easy to access. Note that some betting types have higher payouts than others. For what it’s worth, the unpopular betting types usually have higher odds than the popular ones. More so, some betting types are only available in pregame betting, while some are only available in live bets.

Popular La Liga Betting Types

  • Moneyline bets
  • Totals bets
  • Spreads bets
  • Futures bets
  • Parlay bets
  • Games and player’s props bets
  • Live bets

Unpopular La Liga betting types

  • Both teams to score
  • Halves bets
  • Time to next event
  • Who to score?
  • Corner bets
  • Shots on target
  • Card bets
  • Double chance
  • Odds/even bets

La Liga Moneyline

A moneyline bet is a straightforward bet. It gives punters two options to choose from. Punters who are unfamiliar with La Liga odds can use this option to easily place bets on any Spanish league team. Sportsbooks usually show game odds separately from the payouts. However, in moneyline betting, the odds show you what you’ll get as a payout. For example, Real Madrid is visiting Atletic Club in the first La Liga match of the season. If Real Madrid gets +300 odds, while Atletic Club gets +200 odds. A player will get $300 plus the initial wager if they bet on Barcelona to win. Let’s say the player bet $100 on Barcelona to win, and they won. The player gets $400, which is $300 from the odds and $100 that they wagered.

La Liga Futures

Futures bets are also simple wagers, but you must understand how they work. The most important thing about futures bets is that the outcome will not happen immediately. It is any wager you place on an event that will occur in the future. Another thing you need to note about futures bets is the higher odds they have before a league starts. Bets on La Liga relegation odds are typical examples of futures bets. Furthermore, a player placing futures bets must have patience. Futures bets can be long-term or short-term. Examples of futures bets include:

  • La Liga winner
  • Team of the season.
  • The goal of the season.
  • Golden Boot award
  • MVP
  • Golden Glove award
  • Manager of the season.
  • The goal of the month.
  • Player of the month
  • Top four standing
  • Relegation teams

Note that most of the outcomes in futures bets are individual awards. There are only a few options available for teams as futures bets.

La Liga Parlays

The goal of placing bets and learning how to bet La Liga is to win. While some betting types require you to wager an enormous sum of money to get a significant payout, parlay bets allow you to win more with less. Players looking for higher odds will find that the parlay bet increases the odds on their slip. Another name for this type of bet is the “acca” bet. It simply means combining more Spanish league games for higher La Liga betting odds. Parlay bets can be single-game parlays or multi-game parlays. A single-game parlay means combining multiple events in a game.

On the other hand, a multi-game parlay means combining more La Liga games. For example, a punter can combine Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid and Barcelona vs. Sevilla. The rule of parlay bets is that every game in the parlay must have a favorable outcome for you to win. If one game fails, you lose your bet.

La Liga Live Betting

Sometimes placing pre-game bets doesn’t give you the best results. Although you have adequate time to decide your bet, you may not have sufficient information about the teams. Live betting is an option that lets you use the most current information to place your bet. It involves placing bets on games that are in action. Another name for live betting is “in-play” betting. One perk of live betting is the live statistics available for players to guide their decisions on their bets.

The live statistics show how the teams are performing in the game. You will know which team has created more goal-scoring chances and has a higher chance of scoring. Also, sportsbooks usually update the odds every minute using current performances. Additionally, players have the opportunity to place multiple bets on the same game. They can place bets during in-game stoppages. However, some betting options, like La Liga winner odds, are not available in live betting mode.

La Liga Next Team to Score

As one of the unpopular betting types, this option has some of the best odds. It does not include La Liga title odds. The next team to score means placing a bet on a team to score while a game is in action. For example, you can place a bet on Real Madrid as the next team to score in a game against Barcelona. Note that this option does not depend on who eventually wins the game. Additionally, the next team to score is only available in live bets. However, it has a pre-game version as the “team to score first.” Bettors looking to place this type of bet must understand how in-play betting works. If your preferred team fails to score a goal in the game before the opponent, you lose your bet. Note that this option is only available within 90 minutes of regular time.

La Liga Time to Next Booking

There is always a high probability of the referee showing at least one card in a football game. Punters can place bets on the exact time range a player will receive a card. You will win your bet if the referee shows a red or yellow card within the time you have predicted. Sportsbooks usually give punters options like “next 5 minutes,” “next 10 minutes,” and “next 15 minutes.” Note that the shorter the time to the next booking, the higher the odds. Some bookies also have up to the “next 30 minutes.” For punters, this type of La Liga betting is a highly rewarding market. However, it is only available in live betting mode. Players looking to place pre-game bets will get it as “time to first booking.”

La Liga Team to win the next corner

Another La Liga betting type that has high odds is “team to win the next corner.” You can rarely see a football game that ends without a corner kick. However, predicting when a team will get a corner is usually difficult. It explains why this option usually carries high odds. One way of predicting “time to the next corner” is to focus on the team, creating more attacking pressure and taking more shots at the goal. This is why this option is only available in live betting mode. Players can use live statistics to make fairly accurate predictions in this market. However, sportsbooks usually have a pregame variant available for bettors with similar odds. It is listed as a “team to win the first corner.”

Pros and Cons of Betting

Learning how to bet La Liga will always have merits and demerits to betting, whether it is on La Liga or any other sport. Although what may be a disadvantage to one bettor may not be the same for another. However, there are some merits and demerits that cut across all bettors, whether they are placing bets on La Liga odds or other football leagues.

Pros of betting

Source of extra income

While many people may not consider this to be merit, Learning how to bet La Liga or other leagues in general has proven to be a life-changing experience for many people. Apart from the little wins a bettor gets from placing bets on games with lower odds, some parlays can win them an enormous amount of money. For example, punters have won up to $10,000 from placing bets on La Liga title odds. Some players enjoy placing bets on small odds that will win them little payouts. They understand they don’t have to win millions of dollars, but they can win hundreds of dollars consistently.

It keeps you informed about sports

You can’t place bets successfully without a proper understanding of how betting works. One way to understand how betting works is to understand sports. You must have a good understanding of the sports you’re betting on. Predicting La Liga betting odds demands that you understand how La Liga works, the teams, and their current forms. These combine to help you understand the game better. The same thing happens when you place bets on different sports.

Cons of betting

It causes addiction

One of the major problems of learning how to bet is addiction. La Liga betting can be as addictive as taking hard drugs. We cannot overemphasize the effect of gambling addiction on the life of an individual. First, the individual will struggle to make meaningful investments. Saving becomes a problem for the punter. Sports betting addicts will spend any money they get on gambling. It will eventually affect their relationships with family members and friends. People may no longer trust them with money or commit certain responsibilities to them. An addict is always willing to do anything to feed their addiction. Sometimes, they involve themselves in crimes, putting their lives and the lives of their family members at risk.

Mental health concerns

We have seen cases of suicide after a player lost an enormous amount of money on betting. Aside from being addictive and exerting a strain on your personal life, betting can cause frustration, lack of self-esteem, anxiety, and depression. A punter who has wagered a significant amount of money may not rest until the bet ends in their favor. The pressure it creates on the mind can cause depression. Also, the fear of losing a significant sum creates anxiety. Note that any of these mental health conditions will have some ripple effects on your life. The bulk of the mental strain comes from frustration and the anxiety of losing the bet. Gradually, these health conditions will start affecting other areas of your life.

How to bet on La Liga on BetDSI

BetDSI offers its users some simple steps to follow for La Liga betting. First, you must be up to 18 years before you can bet on BetDSI. Punters above 18 years can start by creating an account with the sportsbook if they don’t already have one. After that, fund your account with at least the minimum wager. Go to “Sportsbook” on the homepage to access the list of sports available. The next thing is to choose football from the list and select Spanish La Liga. Choose any La Liga game and add your bet type and the amount you want to bet. Finally, submit your bet.

For punters placing bets through a phone call, they’ll call the sportsbook and provide their login details. They’ll provide the league, game, type of bet, and, finally, the amount they want to wager.